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The Spatial Streams Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

In this, our seventh episode, the guys spend time talking WiFi with Mr. Jim Palmer

Apr 20, 2020

On this episode, recorded April 18, 2020, the guys discuss the concepts of mentors and mentees and what their experiences have been.

Apr 13, 2020

For our 5th episode, the Spatial Streams Podcast is welcoming our first-ever guest! It's time for us to spend an hour talking WiFi, packet analysis, WLAN Association and more with the wonderful, multi-talented Peter Mackenzie!

Apr 8, 2020

The guys tackle another chunk of the 1st section of the CWNA objectives (1.4, for those checking).

When they've gotten through that fun, they take some time to discuss WFH arrangements, especially relevant at the time of recording due to the then-current lockdowns all around the world.